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#FIXPUBG: Whelsko’s Wonderful Way Of Fixing PUBG

If you prefer video/audio instead of reading, I have youtube videos in podcast-style where I explain most of my thoughts. It’s a little bit of rant in there as well. The reason for that Is, I put all my energy in here and I’m not usually want to complain so that’s why I decided that I might as well put my frustration in here. In total it’s about 3 1/2 hours long. 

#FIXPUBG : Whelsko’s Way Of Fixing PUBG

This article was written on 10 October, 2018

In order to avoid a complete Blackout on PUBG, there need to be some serious changes. So far I see it, nothing can beat PUBG in the marketplace except for one, you all know which one it is… pubg itself. PUBG feels just too damn good winning a 15 kill game. The adrenaline, the rush, the adversity,… I can go on and on. This game has made me feel alive on more than one occasion. There is nothing that feels the way that PUBG feels like. That being said experience can be ruined by a lot of things, from horrible management decisions to all in all a product that is barely working. 

I’ve enjoyed this game so much and I definitely got my money’s worth out of that 27€ I paid for. 1500+ hours and 100€ profit, I’m definitely not mad about it. I defended and put up with a lot of what PUBG has done. It isn’t a black and white situation although I fear it’s turning into one. I just hope to see PUBG get some glory. It’s fun as hell and probably will be. But why settle for good if there is a possibility for great.

I’m getting pretty pissed about everything that’s going on. Not because I feel scammed but I’m desperate about PUBG and its future. I want it to succeed so hard but it gives me little to no hope. Here below is my suggested changes with a little bit of reasoning.


  • If people who get killed by RedZone are not “good players”, then why the hell is not in the esports scene of PUBG? Seems to be a good way to separate the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Dedicated spawns: Spawns that guarantee something is there. An implemented example is the Hot Wheels Dacia from the PGI. Having certainty of a spawn close to your drop makes it a lot better to see executed strategies. If it’s not there, you know somebody beat you to it. Now you sometimes have to walk 2 km to find one if you’re unlucky. 

I, personally, would like this same mechanic with other things. Example: Having a crate weapon in a certain building in-game. (M249 on Military Base) It creates interesting scenarios whether you need to decide if it’s worth rushing in or letting someone else do the picking.

  • Bring the flare gun in the real game
  • Vest durability increase. 
  • Audio broken/missing sometimes.
  • Super hard to watch inside the blue zone now. It’s way easier the other way around. Might encourage camping. #FIXEDPUBG
  • Guns need to spawn in before players drop. STILL
  • Fix multiple map selection queues. More people in more queues by letting them select multiple queues thus quicker games.
  • Pre-game lobby: reduce time to 30 seconds when everybody connected.
  • Airdrops are in a weird place right now I feel. The M249 and AWM fit perfectly but the Mark14 and Groza aren’t entirely worth it. The SLR is similar enough to Mark14 to leave it enough. The Groza can be easily replaced by Beryl (Fully upgradable feels smoother) or AK.


  • Same from the previous category add more garages, with high spawn vehicles.
  • Vehicle Collision is sometimes weird, then again personally, I find this better. It adds some personality to the game. Tweaking recommended
  • Vehicles hitting people half hp when it’s 10 km/h still do a lot of damages. Then again it usually can be avoided if my teammates pay just a little attention to it.
  • Automatic brakes are something that should be tweaked. I get you don’t want to vehicle to roll away but I don’t assume self-driving cars are in PUBG. Being able to jump out and let your vehicle roll can fix some cool situations.
  • Add a trunk to put in some stuff. That way gas cans would be picked up and put in the trunk. When the vehicle blows up, everything is dropped next to it.
  • Ability to share inventories in the cars. It’s not that hard to give an energy drink to your homie sitting in the back, realism wise.
  • Bicycles are the biggest missed opportunity for adding cool vehicles to PUBG.
  • Parachuting should have a little bit more feedback as it can be quite confusing. Then again, I feel the parachuting works excellent once you mastered it. I rarely have had trouble with it. That little extra feedback will give players more information on what they did wrong or right.
  • Personally, I never had a real issue with crashing into a building. A part of it is how players approach vehicles which is stupid at times. Tutorials from community creators & PUBG corp EASILY accessible.
  • Snap to the center of the plane while jumping out.  FIXED


  • Give the Tommy Gun Some love, people would use it so much more if the ironsight was better.
  • Give it more attachments. One of the reasons it’s used less is because you only can use vertical/Silencer
  • Add tactical stock
  • Uzi is a little bit in a weird spot. With a little love put a red dot/holo on the side of the gun. Doesn’t make it as good as above and you don’t risk the realism of ruining the reload.
  • Pistols seem to be a little bit weak, which is to be expected. I recommend adding a little more utility to them rather them simple firepower. R1895 is useless because of the longest reload ingame. I’ll laugh if the reload of the M249 is shorter.
  • Give the crossbow it’s zero distance back, it’s not that if it’s there everybody is gonna be hitting everything.
  • Zero distance removal doesn’t make sense. You can still use it on iron sights and 8x scope + 15x scope + VSS but all other scopers are removed. I feel the only scope that would make it broken atm is the 6X. It adds another element of skill and gives players with small scopes a little bit of fight back power. For those worried about breaking the game, have fun calculating bullet physics in real-time. I did not feel it broke the game when it first came out but it might be harder when the whole pro scene gets out. I guess I’m trying to say, show the zero distance some love to reward players who use it every time.
  • Aim offset in FPP: Crosshair place then ADS isn’t aligned exactly.
  • Sometimes when standing too close to an object or window and you aim, the gun will simply shoot at the wall or elsewhere then you hit. This doesn’t necessarily have to be removed but having some feedback to know when you are about to hit the wall.
  • Bars & railings on windows and fences sometimes are more annoying than useful. 
  • Bullet penetration to certain objects would make sure the above 2 points are invalid but might be harder from a balance standpoint.
  • Riot shield update
  • Fix shotgun consistency. Make pellets always go in a certain pattern instead of random. This can make or break a fight based on random rng. 
  • S1897 is a little bit broken for so long. I don’t know what precisely but firing after reload or switching to it, doesn’t always work. You should be able to fire already but it jams. 
  • Make the laser sight visible to all from a short-range. Maybe 10-25 meters or something. It doesn’t have to be big but it feels like a wasted opportunity for coolness. It also adds some balance to it. Do increase the hip-fire or something to make it stronger. That way, the enemy has a bigger chance of great hip fire and you can see him coming. So it becomes a risk-reward rather than something to put on the gun. It feels kinda dumb atm.
  • More guns like the Scorpio. It gives players more options on how to tackle their objectives. Something PUBG definitely needs.
  • Vertical Grip is and has been the king of all attachments Change my mind.
  • Attachments other than minor tweaking feel to be in a good place right now.
  • Holographic is so useless compared with to red dot. There is no balance.
  • Bring back the ability to adjust the brightness of the reticle in red dot / Holographic / 2x scope. This was one of those things that adds depth for advanced players. 
  • Sniper 4x scope would be better than the old way with a chevron and range guide. This one is just too obstructive for a sniper.
  • 6x is way too strong at the moment. Range finder on the 8x would be a better fit than on the 6x. People prefer 6x over 8x because of the rangefinder and not a lot of people seem to use zero distance, which is easier on the 6x.
  • Winchester buff a little bit. Give it a red dot, 2x, and whatnot. That way there is more useful than the actual iron sights. It’s a fun gun but it’s kinda a waste of time.

UI Design

  • Master Rank Icon scope is switched up compared to the ingame M24 + 8x. Reverse it.
  • Grenade Wheel Mouse Hover is misaligned. How… #FIXEDPUBG
  • Fix the menu. This is literally the only game where I lag or have to wait because the server is processing another party by pressing some buttons. I’m not a developer but based on every other game out there, it can’t be that hard?
  • If you have to fix those pesky loot boxes, at least make them somewhat fancy. Half the time they don’t work or the “item is being delayed…”
  • The BP top right, the main menu has something with a 20% opacity or something below it. #FIXEDPUBG
  • Have an option to save a few skin presets. That way if you have a lot you can change it up quite quickly.
  • Progression bar to see how you leveled up. 
  • Don’t have to claim your XP, only your skins. 
  • Show better ways when you completed a challenge, fancy animation, or something.
  • Have a way to track certain ingame challenges.
  • The menu feels clunky and slow, please fix it.


Desync: everybody knows this but for clarity, I added it on the list. UPDATE Apparantly, there was major fix AFTER recording the videos.


  • For the love of god talk to them OCE guys. Either be transparent what is happening or tell them that you have abandoned them. People want closure.  Since this seems to be fixed as I don’t see a continuous moment on these messages on this subreddit. Late better than never. Talk to them. Might be fixed now, don’t really pay much attention to those guys.
  • Apparently, there is no US-west server. I don’t know WHY. This seems like the most no-brainer place to add the server. Silicon Valley doesn’t have the technology I guess. California 6th Biggest economy. If this is true, it shows the biggest problem.
  • Idk what the South African Player base is but every game they feel left out, give them a server or 2 to play on. After that South-Africa, PUBG ‘n pluimpie gee. Or tell them it’s a no-go. Don’t give them hope if there is none.
  • While we’re at it, go to South America and see how it goes there. Basically, everything under the equator. For some reason, they don’t get as much love. As the north side, King of The North.
  • General Lag Fixing and Refresh Rate increase. Pubg needs it.


Since the beginning of time, people want to grow & prosper. In video games, it’s not different. We want to improve, become better, grow stronger. A healthy progression system above all makes sure that we stay engaged in the game so much more. PUBG atm only has natural progression with some supply drop additions. Natural progression is what the player sets out to do for him or herself. Maybe you want better AR control, maybe you want to be able to consistently win or headshot people with a KAR from 500m away.

Challenges and the like will give people a different side of PUBG that they can work towards or see how much work they’ve already done.

While it’s hard to detail all the psychological implications of a great progression system. The simple thing to go about it is that reward people for doing stuff. Give the player a win if they have the 10th chicken dinner.

  • Timed items…. They are the dumbest thing ever especially as a reward
  • The rewards tab was changed to STORE. That one made me so sad. 
  • Total level
  • Have a reward tab where people who already bought the game, can earn some actual nice skins to play. The Mid-Autumn Festival one is a great. Do more like that.
  • I’ve played for so long without any progression. Does it need it? No, but things such as an event pass is half and half. Even if it’s simple leveling, makes it so much more fun.
  • Have challenges that require the player to be a little bit more creative and try some new things out. Not an endless laundry list of requirements to accomplish in ONE GAME. 3 DIFFERENT TIMES.

Linked Mission: 5/5 Play 3 games on Miramar where you met all of the following conditions: 

  • Survived for at least 20 minutes
  • Dealt at least 200 damage to enemies
  • Took no damage from the bluezone
  • Looted at least 2 crates (CP)
  • Revived teammates at least twice
  • Killed at least 3 players
  • Reached top 10
  • Took less than 100 damage
  • Didn’t use any first aid kits

This is said infamous mission. To this day I still don’t know what Looted at least 2 crates (CP) . That is just unclear. Some explanation can always help.

  • Have progression items. Since it’s realistically themed, having some kind of patches like in the army to decorate achievement would be wonderful. You can have levels of the same patch to see how much they progress. E.g. have a bronze chicken dinner patch for 1 win and a diamond for 100 chicken dinner wins. Some numbers in between. 
  • Add some flashy animations each time the player completes a mission or challenge. 
  • Have lots of challenges that AREN’T related to an event pass throughout.
  • The pubg secrecy is even a thing on when seasons change. I never knew when the seasons and rankings would be reset.
  • Feedback + celebration of the season winners. See League of legends 
  • Ingame missions that can unlock exclusive skins would be cool. E.g. Pick up item X and bring it to Y. 


  • Remove the crates, it’s a bad future plan to have.
  • The Halloween teaser looks pretty dope, skins like that are a little bit wacky but they aren’t completely pink warriors running around. They seem to be a good blend between realism and fun.
  • Take some PUBG Mobile ideas, they have way more cosmetics.
  • Create earnable symbols of status. E.g. A golden helmet for cooking 100 Chickens

Event Pass

I consider myself a pretty good player and for me, even some were virtually impossible or so bound to RNG that completing them had to be a hand of God.

  • Please let a human playtest these challenges before implementing them.
  • That one challenge of the event pass still haunts me to this day. The requirements were absolutely ridiculous.
  • Just copy-paste the formula from Fortnite, not that hard.
  • A good event pass needs to be doable for people who don’t have the time to put in 6 hours a day.
  • Make sure some variety of challenges is added.
  • Have a way to track ingame challenges.
  • There is nothing more frustrating than trying everything in your power to complete your challenge and then not to proc it.
  • Timed items as a reward are nothing more than an insult to injury. Nobody works hard to get shitty items that are gone after 7 days. Especially when they look upon the steam market that some of these items are worth 3 cents.
  • Make sure they are worth the buck. Give dedicated players a little bit of their “money” back if they complete everything. It doesn’t have to be IRL but if you complete everything give like an 80% discount on the next one. This is how you keep players hooked and have a steady recurring cashflow.


The monetization of PUBG is one of the most confusing and weirdest things I’ve ever seen. It’s at the same time ineffective as it is shady. My biggest gripe with this has most likely been the way PUBG decides to extract some more money out of their player base.

Lootboxes… Remove them asap. 

  • If you want to psychologically keep your player base hostage, at least add some shiny animations and colourful sounds. At least make it a more pleasant experience.
  • The law is catching up to loot boxes, see this as a warning. Sooner or later, they’ll be coming for your hole, Bluehole.
  • Being transparent about the chances.
  • Don’t add incredibly low chance items.
  • The random chance to get  loot boxes is one of the most ridiculous business decisions I’ve ever seen.

As I’m one person to listen to others and respect their point of view ( at least try to), I will try to create a sales funnel. 

Let’s say I did the event pass which I bought for 10€ and got a challenge whereby I earned the golden S868 ( Of course, this is a timed offer so I will not keep it forever. Let’s say I want that item. I then have to buy a random crate of which I can only buy 6 a week of which I have a 10% chance. Then I have to have enough of these crates in order to get the 5% chance to get said item. How many times do you think I have to have 10% in order to have 5 % after that? That’s even without paid keys. Nobody will go to those lengths. So I just buy it on the steam market for 40 bucks and assuming the developer fee is 10% gives you 4 bucks. The scary part would be when a designer makes the actual sales funnel with colors. Now, I’m just talking about but if I would see it…

So since I know what the sales funnel is and the terrible consumer experience that consists of loot boxes, I instantly sell them on the market when I get them. So I hope you love the 15€ from the 150+€ I made. I definitely don’t mind playing a game in my spare time.

  • 150+ days after trading got temporarily removed. Give us back trading, please. It’s already bad enough with all this chance.
  • The skins have been better over time although some are still horrendous. The orange gun skins are the best example of this. Even the bullets are orange… why…
  • Broadcaster Royale skins should be shown how much goes to the player. NOT “a percentage” Is it 5%,10%,15%, 35%? For all we know you’re giving them a mere 1% royalty.
  • Those are also too expensive. Lot’s would buy more if they were a little bit lower.
  • Props to teaming up with creators to give them skins, it’s a cool idea and worth for fans of the game and the creators.
  • Have a seasonal event pass as you call them. Fortnite does this excellently, do it as well. Make sure they don’t sue you though.
  • Since there is an entry price to the game, it would be nice if you could use BP to buy things that are available as cosmetic items. This way you reward the dedicated ones and should somebody wish to not want to grind, they can buy.
  • A premium game with premium cosmetics is always unfair if that doesn’t go paired along with normal cosmetics one can earn in the game. Look World of Warcraft. The whole point is to be dripping in loot and cosmetics.
  • The point above doesn’t mean you get a free pass to make an unfair progression system that ‘encourages’ buying levels.
  • Premium entry fee of 30 bucks complete with a full set of loot boxes, event pass, timed items, exclusive skins on timed sales, steam market, broadcaster royale, …. GREED IS GOOD.
  • What I find absolutely hilarious is that PUBG has so many different monetization strategies that most of them are complete failures. Do they make money out of it? Of course, but they could be making so much more consistent and better. I’ve told my friends this so many times, if they actually had a proper monetization plan, with items WORTH buying, I would have put in the 150€ instead of earning. 
  • People feel scammed by the way they use your product. There are glaring issues and the art & programming department are 2 different teams (I’m assuming…) Releasing that many mediocre skins will not be taken lightly. Some people don’t have the willingness to understand it that way. It’s bad publicity but nothing manageable.
  • Most skins are mediocre at best and they feel way too much for what they worth. The Halloween skin nurse thing is 20 bucks…. Like what? Point repeated cuz this doesn’t feel fair.
  • The clown mask from the said set is the only one I feel worthy of its the price point.
  • Lower price points are recommended for mass-market products aka games. Also, don’t forget the premium fee.
  • Make it a free to play title. More players + more profit. The game has reached a plateau. Or put it more on sale.
  • That way you can justify those incredible prices on those skins.
  • Fortnite skins are also expensive as I’m quite sure the inspiration comes from them. Agreed BUT you can earn those bucks by playing (battle pass also gives a few free) and they have bundled. It’s free to play so nobody cares.
  • BP is just useless.
  • Remove crates and use those towards a deep and elaborate progression system.

Event Mode

While this can be a great way to have players experience a side that they rarely see, in reality it’s just something that is filler content.

  • Platoon (50 v 50) was announced and has been delayed due to a critical error in less than 12 hours. ???
  • Warmode should be its own separate event on top of the normal one. Warmode is ideal to get the aim warmed up.
  • Chose loadout or select from a few loadouts in war mode rather than RNG based ones.
  • Have challenges that add towards overall level progression when people do challenges.
  • Also, give exclusive items to players who complete certain objectives or challenges. This rewards players to play it and giving it a more likely chance more people try it out.
  • 2 times shotgun war mode is just one of those things that nobody wants and nobody asked for. Combine it with desync and a general inconsistency with shotguns. And they are the least favorite in the whole of PUBG. Like seriously? I’ll keep the decision making for the management part.
  • Don’t let people spawn with random weapons. If it’s airdrop only, let them chose from a few.
  • The lack of attachments or being forced to use a holographic (which I personally try to avoid always) makes it hard.

E-sports and ranking

PGI was a pleasant surprise however it’s still a weird subject. There is one defying problem with PUBG as an e-sports. It’s too unreliable. I was a little bit disappointed when there would be a big emphasis on e-sports. This isn’t what made PUBG blow up nor what most enjoy it. In most Esports, it’s a simple and fair game. Team vs Team. There are sports however where you have to win from a lot of competitors such as running. These however are usually boiled down into one core objective. Reaching the finish line. While PUBG has the same core objective ‘survive as last’, in practice there is more going on. Also with marathons and stuff, they don’t try to murder you to get there. Simply based on running.

I’m against the idea of a ‘dedicated’ esports scene, not because I hate playing competitive but because it seems too difficult to make it work from a viewer standpoint. I’m pretty sure PUBG’s success (and any good BR for that matter) comes from the stories we create with our squad when we tackle this hostile virtual world together. A different one each time we press play. So it’s not to bash it and I don’t want to ruin PUBG 5 year esports plan but I do want to put on a warning.

The streamer games and stuff however are a great idea. That way people can root for their favorites which in the end is what makes this such an enjoyable experience. It’s you against the world. And if it’s your favorite streamers, you want to see him take on the world.

I’ll try to address some issues that might make it work.

  • Who to root for? Is one of the bigger problems facing BR esports. There are so many teams it feels overwhelming. By showcasing more off the playing field about certain players or going in-depth on a strategy level, we start to get familiar with a team. The more familiar, the easier it is to root for.
  • Dedicated rank ladders for each region.
  • The ranking is hidden away in a corner which I rarely check. IF it’s showcased on my screen each time I launch I care more about it. 
  • Rewards players for kills, revives, and place reached.
  • The more matches, the more a team will be consistently #1. The best way to ensure a clear winner is having a season like the NBA or something and then have playoffs. 
  • Show rank progress after each game. 
  • Use the same system Valve uses in CSGO instead of whatever this is.
  • Adding on top of the above, Wacky Jacky showed in his video that you can grind AFK till the top of the rank.
  • Have cool rewards for people who reach a certain rank. League Of Legends always did this each season. They weren’t meaningful but at least something cool and a reminder of what you accomplished.
  • There was one famous tournament that I was amazed about the final result. Shroud’s Team had 3 chicken dinners out of the 5 games played and 70 kills, which was double that of the 2nd team with the most kills. My memory might fail me here a little bit but how… what is going on that they are placed 2nd for a clear victory? How is this possible is a better question. A good ranking system where players are rewarded for kills as well as placement. Placement is a little bit more important. 
  • Proper training mode. AKA no random assholes shooting all tires on the map.


  • You guys seriously need to talk way more. You don’t have that precious idea that everybody in the world will take it away from you. 
  • You only have one purple cow.
  • There is nothing wrong with being transparent about thoughts ideas & sticky points.
  • Simply don’t just hire one or 2 dudes to hire all your PR.
  • Add a way to give your opponents some honor. Whether it’s a compliment or something else. Giving players positive feedback when they act in a mature manner, reinforces that behavior. Next to report, maybe add compliment? There a few times I was like is this guy hacking? I look in death cam and boom, just got outplayed superhard. I’m like nice play dude but then, of course, he doesn’t hear it. 
  • Share some more development updates. Behind the scenes. 
  • Celebrate creators more. There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to PUBG and creators a little bit. The pubg partner program seems great, however… I don’t see that same triple P in reality as much.
  • There was one video about the Beryll when it came out where they showed the recoil pattern. The idea was clearly taken from creator WackyJacky. I’m not accusing you of stealing his work, I get the artistic ripping off. Everybody does it. This isn’t a big deal and I get having an official video rather than dependence on somebody outside of the company. It would, however, be a cool idea to show him some love by featuring him. Instead of making your own. Wacky seems like a chill dude that doesn’t lose his temper which is good for sponsorships. 
  • Have a tab in the main menu ingame to promote community creators. They get exposure, you have cool content to share with the player base, and the player base might learn some cool things about finding somebody they really like.
  • Have more fun events that celebrate creators. Maybe hold a competition for fan art or best video. A YouTuber I personally find underrated AF is Capn_pub. This is some oscar nominating stuff yo, sharing his video with the community aka celebrating creators makes everybody win. Since you don’t do that stuff other than promoting your own tournaments, I’ll do it here for those reading. 

Contains some strong language, not much, but if you made it this far, I’m pretty sure that isn’t a problem.

PUBG: Are We Friends Now? By capn_pubg

  • Maybe feature some guides or videos from the pros.
  • Have a little training course where you can find community videos on how to play the game. On the menu, I remember EA doing it with battlefield 1 as an outsider jumping in, it was a godsend. Supercool to see who is hot in Battlefield and to learn the game at the same time.


I have no idea about the inner workings of PUBG. Never been there, never talked to developers. 

I think PUBG biggest problem by far is the decisions it makes. I don’t know which MBA student thinks he is the next Steve Jobs and wants to make something revolutionary but he or she might just as well burn their books because their theory isn’t working. It is far from the reality we as PUBG Playa’s living in.

  • Some accountability or double-checking on every decision would solve a lot of problems. Let somebody actually check what’s the matter.
  • A recurring theme for this game seems to be that there is no double-checking. Stuff that gets forgotten, typos, etc. The black bars on loading screens… A mistake like that takes 1 person 2 minutes to fix at most in photoshop. While that doesn’t matter on those things, if the same mentality is used to approach the bigger things, there is some serious problem. “Hmmm, Whelsko why did you put in the 2 same points after each other?” Oh, I forgot to double-check.
  • THE IDIOT(S) THAT CAME UP WITH TIMED ITEMS, the fire that guy srsly. It’s ineffective, nobody likes it, and it holds no benefit from a game or business standpoint. 
  • Fix your own shit first instead of suing.
  • Playerunknown: If 80 % of hackers are from China or Asia, people aren’t a xenophobe for mentioning it… China has a win no matter the cost culture. We hate their hackers, not their moms. Insulting and assuming your fanbase is like that, BAD IDEA. Maybe we are just “uneducated”. *hint hint* Don’t go all Rian Johnson on your fans..
  • Whoever designs or makes the monetization scheme, Jesus Christ dude.
  • Stop treating your customers like shit. Srsly. I don’t know what the view is from a managing standpoint but it doesn’t feel like you respect the money your customers gave. It feels that you guys are
  • Play Live servers from time to time Lulz.
  • There was one video I remember about codename savage behind the scenes. (don’t know precise one) and there was apparently an overwatch game being played in the background. Now, I’m not gonna assume that everybody is playing overwatch all day. It might be free time, break or whatever,… However, showing such a thing is not the best idea if there are clear problems. Doesn’t have much faith.
  • I love how PUBG Mobile has a lot more skins and ideas added to it. Then I wonder how PC users can’t seem to get the same treatment. The Training mode was added to it and pc users had no clue about theirs. Even has night mode now? I know it’s 2 different studios but it seems to me kinda odd why the skins can’t be the same in the 2 games. Well, either way, congratulations on Tencent for profiting, I mean investing, on somebody else’s ideas. And PUBG wanted to sue Fortnite… 
  • The one who decided to release the shotgun warmode 2 times after a row, doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. The worst event to date.


These are a little more crazy and a little weirder. Some of them will never see the daylight but I thought it would be cool to see what might see it after all.

  • Add harpoons to reel in other vehicles
  • M249 / DP -28  mounted: I read somewhere it’s op but then again, you are standing on a vehicle in the open if you want the car to not give accuracy penalty, it needs to be standing still. Seems fair.
  • Gliders: Having some kind of air travel albeit stifled would make a great addition to the game. If they spawn in as vehicles. If you jump from the mountain of smaller with that, so you can get close to the circle.
  • Zipline. 
  • Have Skis & snowboards and snowmobiles on the winter map. Super Lit
  • Community Brainstorm or have a big talk about what is gonna happen every 2 weeks/ once a month seems like a cool idea. Basically, a debate between creator and consumer.
  • The map selection debate is something something…
  • Night mode (mobile has it)
  • Add some form of gas grenade. This way people can deal with those pesky campers. Or make gas masks useful.
  • Sticky Grenades seem cool.
  • EMP to take out vehicles instantly seems cool.
  • C4 might have some cool opportunity. Make sure you need to place them carefully instead of throwing them across the map.
  • Normal Bow, less power more rapid-fire. Give it one of those fancy scopes things though.
  • Mines / Boobytraps to catch off unsuspecting players. I don’t know exactly how this might be put in the game but it seems fun.
  • Breathing mask underwater cuz why not. NO GO
  • Personally, I want to see tanks and helicopters but the realist in me realizes that probably ain’t gonna happen.
  • Mod support. I think if modders are given complete access and resources to this game to create their own thing that wonderful things have come alive. Companies are often scared of adding it since it takes away profit but it gives you longevity. It keeps the game alive for so long. Look at Minecraft, still the most popular game.
  • You don’t want to know what ridiculous things modder are able to make. Their creativity might give your game a boost. Also interested to see what will happen.
  • .50 Cal Sniper rifle + pistol would be cool.
  • 7.62 pistol to shred armor up close.FN-57

A note to only pubg_hawkinz, I’m sorry for having to sift through this or delivering this message. I’m not one of those shoot the messenger guys. I feel bad for you man, it’s a hard job 😛 Mad Respect

Edit: WakcyJacky has some good feedback on how to improve the gameplay. Check out his video.

10 Game Mechanics in PUBG – THAT MUST BE CHANGED!

To conclude, this is one man’s take on the whole #FIXPUBG. It’s nice that they come forth and admit something isn’t right but I have a feeling this whole debacle could be prevented so much. I tried to be reasonable and include everybody’s point of view. The pro’s, creators, players, and developers. The only ones I don’t really have pity for are the one’s at PUBG who is in charge. Albeit a hard job, it is their responsibility. To put it simply, I think most of PUBG’s problems stem from a few simple things. Lack of planning and lack of reviews. Life will always have things for us that are in no way predictable. That’s part of our existence. However, it always feels like there is something completely dumb holding certain features back. I’m talking about map selection, delay training mode, challenges from a PAID event pass that has typos and no tested challenges, black bars at the loading screen picture (srsly it’s 2 min work in photoshop), refusal to give an insight to what’s happening behind the scene, shitty event modes with shotguns only that are lagging and nobody cares about… Nobody will hate u if the building is on fire PUBG and you’re like oh, let’s have used previous events so we can focus on the fire. Just tell it. We are reasonable people, just don’t push it with stupid excuses. Although I don’t know how much reason is left….

Things such as the desync I completely get. With PUBG getting too popular, it’s an insane task to get rid of it. It’s hardcoded. It’s in every bone of PUBG. I might rage at the moment but I can imagine that it’s probably worse for developers. Either Way, I hope this will help a little bit to make PUBG great. Love this game a lot and wish for it to prosper and be worthy.

Peace Out

#FIXPUBG has officially come to an end and it’s mediocre at best. It doesn’t seem like something significant. With or without the campaign, nothing would have been different that much. It seemed more than a marketing campaign rather than a bug fixing campaign.
Bad decisions, bad management, great concept & idea, super fun game, frustrating experience. Lot’s of stuff to fix. The game is shooting itself consistently in the foot until it can’t walk ever again.

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