LifeLONG Gamer

Legends say, Whelsko could play with a computer before he could actually walk. So it isn’t any suprise that he still is going strong or at least was for a long time. On Youtube, you will find a lot of videos of the best and greatest moments of Whelsko’s gaming career in the Battle Royale. The genre has exploded in popularity from H1z1: King of The Kill onwards, with giants such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite being the big ones of the moment.

The genre and Whelsko are a perfect match. It goes to show that the Youtube channel is full of wonderful videos of the videos.

The Battle Royales

The Battle Royale Genre slowly rise and rapid explosion into the mainstream has left an impact for the rest of the time. Whelsko too tried to go and have some piece of pie from that. Content creation and battle royale were the perfect combinations. That was clear. There was a lot learned on the journey both on the battlefield and off of it.


Whelsko had some casual fun with the crew during some games. The best way to keep memories is to record them and throw them on the internet for ever. Whatever goes on there, stays there. It would be cool to look back at the fun and quirky moments that shared us some joy. Not only is this a great way to archive but at the same time, complete strangers might enjoy it too!

Recommend Gaming

The world of gaming is big and massive landscape with a lot in it. Whelsko played a lot during his early days and still likes to get in there from time to time. There are so many games that are out there and some are a little bit weird. They had an immense impact on Whelsko during his development and still have. There is something magical about gaming that isn’t found in any other form of entertainments. Virtual worlds ready to be explored.

As such and as a result of playing a lot of game, there will be a recommended gaming list should you want some inspiration on what worlds you want to explore.

Coming Soon!