As there is quite some content produced, there is a need for a trailer. There was a trailer made to celebrate a lot of content that was produced on Whelsko’s Youtube.

While the trailer orignally was part of a bigger promotion project, it was more than OK to ship out of the door. What an absolute shame it would be to leave it in some archive somewhere. The trailer features the best & brightest building moments from the Apex Legendary Adventure. A lot of effort went into making this trailer so we hope you enjoy it.


While not every game is the best of the best, they often offer standalone moments that are worth saving. All kinds of cool, funny, old, memorable, fails, and wins, PUBG clips smashed together into compilations. Whatever floats the boat, sometimes literally.


PUBG is a incredibly complicated game if you play in the big leagues. Strategy and tactics have to be on every member of the squad on mind and there is quite a lot. 
These provide an in-depth breakdown of the strategy behind PUBG games.