Apex Legends took the gaming industry by storm with a sudden announcement and an even more sudden release. The Battle Royale genre was in need of a good FPS competitor with PUBG’s failing at the time, and a console equivalent.

It was a well polished game with a great setup but a terrible foundation. The game is superfun but thanks to the systems in place, will ruin that fun for you. Despite that, there was still a lot of fun to be had.

The Apex Legendary Adventure

As there is quite some content produced, there is a need for a trailer. There was a trailer made to celebrate a lot of content that was produced on Whelsko’s Youtube.

While the trailer orignally was part of a bigger promotion project, it was more than OK to ship out of the door. What an absolute shame it would be to leave it in some archive somewhere. The trailer features the best & brightest building moments from the Apex Legendary Adventure. A lot of effort went into making this trailer so we hope you enjoy it.


The Apex LEgendary Adventure

The Apex Legendary Adventure features the best games across the entire Apex Legends gameplay session and there were quite a few! The Adventure is chopped up into the most tasteful and enjoyable bites. From fun to frustration, and vice versa, it’s a ride with ups and downs.

Apex LEgends Learning

Whelsko made a few tutorials that helped players with their knowledge about Apex Legends. 

Although few and far between, they were definitely meant as a learning experience to share learning experiences.