H1z1 Nostalgia Vault

Whelsko’s start in recording was with h1z1. Later renamed or “rebranded” to Just Survive, it was your typical survival game. Spawn in naked, get some gear, find some materials and build that base up as soon as possible. Naturally, one doesn’t have to resort to hours of menial work if one can steal it from another. PVP moments hold way more weight that way.

Since each wipe is a self-writing story with a lot of high stakes, some golden and unique moments are generated. That’s the beauty about these wipes. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. While very similar in nature (the same game duh), the minute different details allow for some moments that may not be ever relived. 

It was here where Whelsko started recording individual moments to record for safekeeping and memory storage so that when the nostalgia hit was needed, they would always be easily found from the vault.

These were the first moments, the beginner days. When everything was new and fresh. Everything was still innocent. Maybe innocent isn’t the right word…


Full playlist can be found here!