Student Of Life

As a life philosophy, Whelsko has dedicated the majority of his time studying everything and everyone who ever come across. This stems from an early obsession to understand the world around him from a young age onwards. There is something magical about studying and improving upon existing knowledge. As a result, the learning will never stop since there will be always something new. There will always be something new around the corner. Life is full of suprises and if it would have stopped, this message would be completely pointless.

Patient Of Psychology

Everybody has problems. Everybody has issues. In today’s society, it seems like the most important part of our entire existence gets shuffled into the background. While medicine seems to making leaps and bounds, psychology gets left behind. One of Whelsko’s important drives in life is trying to figure out how the hell this works. We live our entire lives inside our brain, yet we have very little understanding of it. Nobody seems to be properly teaching on how to use it. How crazy is that?


We live in an incredible information age with so many creations being pumped out on a daily basis. There is an insane amount of amazing content which can be found and learned. The era we live in allows us to create almost anything we want and it’s going to become better and more complex while at the same time, the barrier of entry is going down immensely.