PLAYERUnKNOWN's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds success is a weird case. Whelsko first discovered it in June of 2017 and hooked at the very next instant. An maybe unhealthy obsession for a while, the game managed to fulfill all the boxes of making you truly feel like each game was an adventure with the crew on it’s own. A match made in heaven.

PUBG has seen an incredible rise and some might argue a hard fall too but in the end it’s a stagnation. 



Once in awhile PUBG holds an event mode. A different set of rules from the normal gameplay. This creates some interesting scenarios that with the crew online, creates for some even more interesting moments.

The Greatest Moments of The PUBG Adventure!

The most amazing and funniest moments that Whelsko encounters while playing PUBG. Whether it’s for laugh or adrenaline or information, PUBG is a great game for creating even greater moments.


While not every game is the best of the best, they often offer standalone moments that are worth saving. All kinds of cool, funny, old, memorable, fails, and wins, PUBG clips smashed together into compilations. Whatever floats the boat, sometimes literally.

PUBG In-Depth Strategy Breakdowns!

PUBG is a incredibly complicated game if you play in the big leagues. Strategy and tactics have to be on every member of the squad on mind and there is quite a lot. 
These provide an in-depth breakdown of the strategy behind PUBG games.

#FIXPUBG : Whelsko's Way

#FIXPUBG campaign was meant by PUBG Corp. to fix a lot of issues that were plaguing the game. However, it was lackluster at best. This was Whelsko’s response at the time and oh boy, it was a lengthy one.

This is one of the big feedback pieces for a more different take than seemingly what was promised. 


The Best Of Battlegrounds : PUBG Favorites

They are memories. They are moments in action. Victories and Defeats. Chickens and Chicken Dinners. These are taken directly from the battlefield itself. The most immersive and insane look yet into the brutal world of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

These are my favorite PUBG photos taken in my career as a contender on the Battlegrounds.